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Alphatron for Developers - Reach the world

Reach the world

Promote your game and reach a wode audience of millions of players across the globe on our #1 online games platform. Drive engagment and retention to your game with us!

Alphatron for Developers - Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Host, launch, and update your game through Alphatron for Developers. Get actionable insights on your game's performance. Work with our team and get the best out of your game's performance.

Alphatron for Developers - Better ads

Better ads

We believe in the web and so do the brands we work with. Get a fair, lifetime revenue share from advertising that makes sense for your game. Get speedy paymetns from our program.


Alphatron Games offers a developer program that enables your game to achieve unparalleled success. This program enables you to release your game to a large audience of players, increase popularity of your brand, and earn revenue with ease. Our developer program features a flexible and expeditious payment system and a team of dedicated support personnel to provide you with the best possible terms for your game. With our comprehensive suite of tools, we provide you with everything you need to showcase your game to the world. We invite you to join our developer program and experience gaming made better at Alphatron Games.